Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Jacob- Hospital Pic's

Jacob hasn't had his photo session with mommy yet. (I'm thinking tomorrow- this surgery recovery is not easy!). But, we did get a few shots while in the hospital. Here they are!

The "Labor" shot. Adam always gets a photo of me while in labor- not sure why!
Jacob, right after he was born. Don't mind the poor photo quality; we had the lights really low while I delivered, and my camera doesn't do well in low light.

Jacob with momma, right after birth.

Grandpa James and baby Jacob, the day after he was born.

Me, while Grandpa and Grandma James were visiting.

Baby Jacob in the hospital, with his cute little beanie!

I've been having lots of cuddle time with Jacob, family has been really great with taking the kids while Adam is at work, so I can recover from my surgery. The reality of 4 kids hasn't fully hit yet- I haven't really been alone with all 4 at once!

On the Asher front, his cut on his finger is slowly healing. It got infected (of course!), since he kept ripping the bandage off, and he missed his antibiotics for a couple of days while I was in the hospital (daddy forgot to pack it-oops!). We started him back on them when he came home, but when we took him yesterday to have the stitches removed, the doctors didn't like what they saw. So, one called in another, who called in a hand specialist, who said don't worry about it. Just change the bandage daily (we had already been doing that), keep him on antibiotics for a week (already doing that), and he'll be fine. So, it took 3 hours at the emergency room and 3 doctors to have them remove the stitches and tell us to keep doing what we are doing. Uugh.

Otherwise, all is well here. Will post Jacob's pics once I get them done!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Jacob has Arrived!

Our newest little bundle, Jacob Levi James, joined our family Wednesday July 20th at 1:37 am! He is absolutely adorable; he weighs 8 lbs 2 oz and is 21 1/2 inches long.

Labor started Tuesday night at 7:30 pm; we waited until after 10 pm to head to the hospital ( I needed to wait for my mother in law to be able to come watch the kids! Plus, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a false alarm). We got to the University and they checked me at 11 pm; I was already 5 cm dilated, and contractions were coming 2 minutes apart! We got settled into our room, and contractions started getting more intense. I was going to have this baby without any pain relief, so we filled up the tub in my room and I was so grateful to labor in it; it really eased the contractions and made it easier to relax. Just as I was thinking delivering naturally was a mistake, my midwife checked me, and I was almost a 10! So, I hopped out of the tub, and into bed. 9 minutes later, Jacob arrived! Definitely my easiest, and fastest, delivery. (Taylor was a c-section, Jon I had an epidural, labored 26 hours, and pushed for 2 1/2 hours, Asher was a pitocin-induced, natural delivery that lasted 7 hours and I pushed for 30 minutes). I couldn't believe Jacob was so big! Over 8 lbs, and I am not a big person- barely 5'3"! And he was 2 weeks early!

We just came home from the hospital today; the day after Jacob was born, I had my tubes tied, also, so I stayed a little longer. We are DEFINITELY done having kids. The procedure was more painful than I thought it would be, though! So much for an easy recovery. And, while driving home from the hospital today, we discovered that percocet makes me motion-sick; I threw up 4 times over the 30 minute drive. Yuck!

Now I'm looking to take it easy and recover from all of this; I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance to load some!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Asher has entered the world of stitches now. Well, technically he HAS already had stitches. But now he has had his first non-surgery, injury-related stitches.

Sunday evening, we went to a barbecue for Adam's work. 95 degree weather and a park equals very sweaty kids. So, when we came home, we plopped them all into the shower so they could quickly and easily get cleaned off before bed. Just as I opened the door to pull out Asher out, he slipped on the floor. With his finger in his mouth. And chomped down, hard, on his finger. Screaming immediately began. I bundled him in a towel and laid him down to get him dressed for bed, not realizing he actually did some damage. Then I saw the blood on the towel, and looked for the source. I nearly gagged when I saw his finger, dripping blood, with perfect little teeth marks in it. Adam helped with Ash while I ran to get band aids. We quickly realized that wouldn't do the trick, and I found gauze and tape and wrapped his finger with that.

Of course, then Adam tried convincing me that he didn't really need stitches, and a bandage would be fine. So I called the pediatrician, and he said probably stitches, and we needed to treck the 30 minutes to the Children's Hospital, (I live a block away from a different hospital) because he would probably have to be sedated for them. Wonderful. So, 8 pm I got to the hospital (Adam stayed home with the kids). Checked in, and saw the doctor after about an hour. She looked at his finger, and determined he would need 4 stitches, and an x ray to see if he broke it, because he bit all the way to the bone! (So gross!)

After an x-ray showed he didn't break his own finger, they started sedation (nasal versed), and stitches were done. He was a great little patient and didn't squirm much, and by 11:15 pm we were on our way back home. Now the trick is getting him to keep his bandage on! He's also on an antibiotic to help prevent infection.

On a side note, apparently most bite injuries are NOT self inflicted. They were very surprised that he managed to do this to himself! Yet another adventure in the James house. Oh, and it's very sad, I'm starting to recognize people who work at the ER.