Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snow and Sick Kids

This is what I woke up to this morning:
Summer is definitely gone, and fall is quickly fading! But it is so pretty, I'm actually excited for winter. Snow, hot cocoa, snuggling under my down it. Not that I actually go out in the snow. Cold and wet=no fun. I still love it, though!
Here is a pic of Tay and Jon from a church Halloween Party last night:
She is Ariel, and he is obviously Buzz Lightyear.

I also woke up today to a coughing and runny-nosed Asher. Fun. Even worse, while running errands this afternoon, my little Jon Jon threw up ALL over the van. Poor guy. This is him now:
Playing on the I-touch and yes, he has no pants/underwear on. Whatever. He calls the I-touch the "eye". As in, "Where is the eye, mom?". Cute.
So, now I'm disinfecting like crazy, cleaning the van, and praying Asher doesn't catch whatever Jon has.
Hmm...I don't know about this winter thing now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins, Cookies, and Birthdays!

So, we have had avery busy weekend at my house! Saturday I went to my parents for a birthday party for my Grandma Patty and my Aunt Karen.
My sister and I madde my Grandma this pillow.

And we made my Aunt Karen this quilt. (By "WE" I mean Leslie did most of the pillow, and she helped watch kiddos while I made the quilt)

Taylor doing her best princess/vampire impression.

Little Ashes playing on his Aunt Sarah's lap.

All of the nieces and nephews getting ready to paint their pumpkins.

Taylor painting her pumkin. She was dying because we mafe her wear a bib so she wouldn't destroy her shirt.

Jon Jon painting his, in a high chair AND a bib.

Future soccer star Asher!
Taylor's witch pumkin. Notice how she painted the stem black so it can be the top of the witches hat?

Cookies! When we were kids, we would always go to my Aunt Karens house to make sugar cookies. So, we thought we would recreate that for our kids, since Aunt Karen was in town.

Asher loving on his Uncle Tyler. Yes, he is wearing PINK! He spit up all over his outfit, and I din't have an extra. So, my mom put him in a girls sleeper she had laying around. DOesn't he make a pretty girl?

Sweet Jonathan. Monday turned into a huge extended family photo shoot. I'll post my fave shots once I'm done editing them all.

Running in the field behimd my parent's house.

Taylor and Aunt Karen. Taylor loves my mom's dress ups!

My parents.

Adam snuggling with Ash in his jacket.

Grandma Patty, Taylor, and Aunt Karen.

Grandma Patty, myself, Aunt Karen, and my mom.

Taylor at the end of a long weekend!
I had so much fun this weekend with all of my family. It was so great of my parents to plan it all! It would be lovely if I could have an easy relaxing week this week. But I know it won't happen! We are blessing Asher on Sunday, so I will be spending the week getting the house ready, plus enjoying Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Heart" Attack

So, I'm downstairs watching "Glee" on my DVR at about 9 pm tonight. I decide I want to go upstairs and get something to eat. As I come up the stairs, I see the shadow of someone in the window next to the front door. I freeze instantly; honestly I'm a little frightened someone might be trying to break in. Then I notice the outline of hearts in the window, and realize someone is putting hearts up! So, I tip toe downstairs to let them finish. In my mind I'm thinking this must be a mistake. Who would heart attack our house? We don't have any teenagers here. So, I call Adam, who is on his way home from work. When he pulls up, he scares the snot out of them (they aren't done yet!) and so they lay down on the stairs to try and hide! I think if Adam didn't know they were there, maybe he wouldn't have seen them. So, he pulls in to the garage and closes it and pretends he doesn't know anything is up. No sooner does he come in, then they hightail it out of there. So, I turn on the porch light to see what they've done.
A very sweet Primary in another Ward heart attacked us. All of the hearts have sweet little messages on them for Asher. When we left for California, our bishop e-mailed the Stake to let them know. Word got around about our sweet little Asher's heart, and this ward decided to do this for us, to let us know that we are loved in our time of need.
(We are LDS. A bishop is like a Pastor. Our church is divided into "Stakes", which are divided into "Wards". In Utah, a ward is typically made up of a few blocks of houses in your neighborhood (A few hundred people are in each ward). Primary is what we call the organization within our church for children. FYI.)

This is the most hilarious heart that one of the kids wrote:

So cute!

Here is the message that was left from the Primary President:

"This year in Primary our theme is "I know that my Savior Loves Me". We know that this is true for each of heavenly Father's children. He loves us so much that not only did he give his life for us, but he showed us what we can do to be like Him and return to live with Him. He has suffered not only for our sins but also that he may know our sorrows and feel our pain; that He might know how to comfort us in times of greatest need. We know that He is mindful of each of us and have faith that He will be with you and your family at this time."

Such a heart warming moment. Thank you.

Park City

Friday I went to Park City with my family. My Aunt Karen lives in South Carolina, and due to various circumstances I haven't seen her in over 10 years. My parents flew her out her for a surprise for my Grandma's 80th birthday party. Unfortunately, the blabbermouth that I am, I accidentaly let it slip to my Grandma over a month ago. Oops! We kept it hush hush, but yesterday she let it slip that I let it slip. Sorry! We all got together in Park City for some pizza and some window shopping.
Taylor and Jon with their cousin Nyah. Jon had to but in on the picture! Tay and Nyah are best buddies, they are joined at the hip whenever they are together.
I loved this shot of Tay jumping mid-air! We were quite the spectacle on Main St.

Jonny boy. My mom is in the background; he wouldn't leave her side all day.

My mom with little Asher.

Grandma feeding Asher some pizza crust. Yum! I've been a bit lazy and haven't officialy started him on solids yet, but clearly he is ready!

Asher with my Aunt Karen. He was very uncooperative and would not stop moving for the picture! He always has something in his mouth now; he is definitely teething!

From left: My sister Sarah, Shannon, myself, and my little sister Leslie.

Taylor and some of her cousins (Nyah, Carson, and Kylie) posing by a statue.
It was a really fun day; it was great spending time with all of my family. But soo cold! It is definitely fall here. Time to go now; Taylor and Jon will not stay in bed!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sibling Love

I had to post this before I forgot!
I just picked up Jon from pre-school. When he gets in the van, we had the following conversation:
Jon: Where's Taylor at?
Me: She's at school.
Jon: But I love Taylor.
Me: I know you love Taylor, Jon.
Jon: I no want her go school anymore. I want her home.
So sweet. They are the cutest brother and sister sometimes!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farm Fun

Daddy had Monday off, so we went to Wheeler Farm again. It is a lot more fun when I have someone else there to help, and I was able to take lots of cute photos!
Tay and Jon in a sweet moment.

Taylor playing on a tractor wheel ( I swear I didn't pose her!)

Daddy pretending he has a tractor. Some day!

Jon petting the horse.

Pretty little Tay bug.
I took Ash to the pediatrician today for those lumps under his incision. After a visit to the lab for more bloodwork (sorry baby!), and clean results, we decided Ash is fine. If it was an infection, the Keflex is doing it's job clearing it up. Or he thinks it could just be his sternum underneath, fusing back together. Not sure, but the blood shows no infection. My goal is to stay away from the doctor until Asher's next well baby exam!
My sis came over today and we did some sewing. Actually, I did some sewing. She helped with kids and watched Flipping Out! But it was fun hanging out. We'll do it again tomorrow! And I'm getting my carpets cleaned- woo hoo!
Tay was the sweetest little girl with Asher tonight. She was lying under his play gym with him, telling him about the toys, and teaching him colors. As she was getting into bed, she was telling him what nighttime is. So sweet! She is a great big sister.
I'm gearing up for a busy week; book club tomorrow night, IHH birthday party Thursday, Family time Friday and Saturday, and Super Saturday (for Relief Society). Should be lot's of fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have had a busy weekend at my house! My mom, sister, and Grandpa came by on Friday. Grandpa is in town from California, so it was great to see him. And the kids loved it! We went out to eat, and then my sister and I headed over to Material Girls (a fabulous quilt shop here), and bought some yummy fabric for a new project. Which I only have 1 week to finish! Yikes!
Here's a pic of Jon loving on Grandpa!

Saturday, I took the kids too Wheeler Farm for a picnic. We had nice time seeing all of the animals and playing. The weather was perfect!

Taylor can never just "sit" for a picture. She is always posing!

The kids pretending they are in jail. It's actually just a treehouse with wire for windows. Great sad faces on them!

I treid so hard to get a cut pic of them an a wagon. This was the best I got. Hmm.
After Wheeler Farm, we went to the grocery store. Then home, clean up the house, and as soon as Daddy got home from work, we went to Fork Fest. What is Fork Fest? It's a free music and arts festival that Adams cousin, Joshua James, started in American Fork. This was it's first year, and they had 37 bands perform! It was a lot of fun, and we were completely irresponsible parents, and kept the kids there until 10:45 pm, so we could see Joshua perform. So worth it, though!
While I was staying busy with all of this over the weekend, I also made 70 quarts of grape juice! Yum! I usually do more (with help), but I was solo this year. And I'm so burnt out, I think 70 quarts is good enough.
On the Asher front, he seems to be doing well. However, he has to hard lumps under his incision, and they are getting pretty red. The cardiologist will be getting a call tomorrow; we'll see what he says. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pics of Jon Jon

Thought I would share these. I took them while he was helping Daddy mow the lawn today.
Love the eyes and lips in this one.

Sweet little moment.

I think he heard an airplane.

GQ pose.

He was telling me about his tractor here.