Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surprise! A LONG Overdue Post

Soo... We moved! April 30th we packed up or home of the last almost 7 years, and moved to Washington (the State). A couple of months ago, after EXTENSIVE thought, prayer, research, and discussion, we decided that Adam needs to go back to school. He is pursuing a degree in Medical Dosimetry (an advanced degree in Radiation Therapy, treating cancer patients). It is a very big change for us. We sold our home in Utah, found an adorable place to rent in Washington, and I am now looking for a full time job here. Needless to say, the past few months have been BUSY! Now we are here, and we absolutely love it. We truly haven't been happier.
 Our adorable home- 4 bedrooms and sits on just shy of an acre. Surrounded by the forest, and across the street from a lake.
 Our vintage 1940's doorknocker on our front door. The little hatch opens from the inside to see who is there- so stinking cute!
 Pretty girl climbing one of the massive, ancient apple trees in our yard.
 Dining room light fixture
 Cute boy in the apple tree
 Our town has a wonderful little farmers market. We go almost every Saturday, and they have amazing flowers for dirt cheap. This huge bouquet was $5!
 The trail across the street from our house, that runs alongside the lake. I go running on this almost every day.
 Lake Sammamish
 Little Lu on her first day of her new school
 Many evenings we can be found having a nice campfire in the backyard
 Our garden- the fence needs to be taller to help fend off the deer. It's a work in progress!
Cute little monkeys! We walked to the lake, and Ash got super wet. So, we stripped him down for the walk back home.

Things are great here. Job hunt is going well- I just started looking, and already had 3 interviews in the last week. Adam registers for classes on Tuesday; school starts the last week of June. In the meantime, we are just enjoying our extended vacation. More posts to come- we finally have Internet figured out here!


  1. I love Washington! What a beautiful place you have found. I hope all continues to go well PS I love the bum picture!

  2. Your house is adorable. Very charming! I would move to Washington in a heartbeat....I think. I hear it is overcast...and overcast is my favorite! I drove from Vancouver to Seattle and fell in love with all the green trees and beautiful scenery. Even Big Sur in CA doesn't compare to beautiful green in my book!