Friday, June 10, 2011


Summer is here! Kids are done with school, and the weather is (finally!) warming up.

The kids have pulled out the chalk, and are decorating all the concrete they can find! This is what Taylor did when I asked her to clean up the chalk the other day. Not quite what I meant, but a very artistic way of arranging them!
I had some work to do today, taking pictures of houses. But I just couldn't keep the kids in the car all day! It is far too gorgeous out, so we stopped at a park on the opposite side of the valley and had a picnic and played. Asher LOVED the swing!

Check out the hair! Blowing in the breeze- Daddy doesn't want to cut it. He says he lives out his hair fantasies through our boys.

South Jordan has some of the best parks! This one was full of different rope structures for climbing, right next to the lake. Parks were so lame when we were kids!
It was a great day, we even squeezed in a visit with Dad at work. Now it's time to do the mad dash cleaning before he comes home!

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