Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grafton Ghost Town

On our second day in St. George, we decided to take the kids to a ghost town, before heading to Zion National Park. It was Jonathan's favorite part of the trip! On the way to Zion from St. George, you pass through several small little towns. One little town is Rockville. In Rockville, there is a small sign that says "Grafton" with an arrow. You drive down a small little road, through a neighborhood, and pass over a bridge. Then you take a dirt road for several miles, and you swear you must be going the wrong way. Keep going until the road ends, and you are at Grafton. It's a small collection of old homes, a cemetery, and a church/schoolhouse. It's all that remains of a town founded in 1859, and flooded twice. The last residents left in 1944. It was a really neat little detour!

One of the old homes. Unfortunately, you couldn't get inside.
The dirt road in.

Another home. We hopped the fence at this one, and since it was wide open, Adam and the kids took a peek around. Shh! Don't tell anyone!

The schoolhouse/church.

Cute kids!

Silly kids! This was the best shot.

Another home. This one had a large fence preventing us from poking around anymore.


Screwed up the editing on this one. Oops!

One of the old wooden headstones at the cemetery.

A really neat old house, off the beaten path, on private property we TOTALLY were not supposed to be on. We're a bunch of rule breakers!

Lots of fun, and I got some really neat pictures (I think!). Next post: Our MAJOR hike in Zions.

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