Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jacob's Photo Shoot

I finally managed to take some time to have a little photo shot with Jacob. However, I had very bad timing, and just as I got the area set up, Asher woke up and Daddy came home. Relative chaos ensued, but I was determined to take some pictures! So, Daddy wrestled the kids and I started my photo shoot. I fed little Jakey first, hoping he would fall asleep (like he ALWAYS does). No such luck. He was WIDE awake. Oh well, that just means we get to see his big eyes in the pics. He would not sit still, either. AND he decided to pee not once, not twice, but THREE times. I had his diaper off, thinking I'd get some cute pics of him on his tummy. He had other plans, and kept leaping like a little frog when he was placed on his tummy with his knees tucked up. So, I have lots of pictures of his cute little face, and that's about it. Oh well- it's better than nothing! Enjoy:

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