Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pic's and a Quick Update

I've been busy in new baby land- starting to get my life back! I still haven't managed to take "real" pictures of Jacob, but here is a shot I got of him on the couch the other day:

Last night we went to a neighborhood barbecue. When we got hom, the lighting was gorgeous, so I grabbed Taylor and snapped a few shots. She can act a bit goofy when I take her pictures, but I got a couple of decent ones:

In other news, Asher saw the hand surgeon today (again) about his cut on his finger. We saw him last week, and he wasn't very optimistic about how it was healing. His tendon and fat tissue were completely exposed, plus we weren't wrapping it correctly. A week later, and it is healing much better. Still looks like a nightmare, of course, but there is no more infection, he doesn't need to be on antibiotics anymore, and the tendon is no longer exposed. So, assuming things keep healing like this, we won't need to see the hand surgeon again. Yay!

Also, I scheduled his next Cardiology appointment today. October 13th is the big day. He will need an MRI beforehand, but I have to wait for them to get insurance authorization and then they will call to schedule that. A bit nervous about this next visit- I think his next surgery will be seriously discussed this go-round. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it; I think I'll be too busy changing diapers to even think about worrying!

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