Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Days

We ARE still alive! My blog has been a bit neglected lately- sorry!

First of all- Asher is doing great!

He is back to his normal- super active, full of energy, major handful self. I am on a constant run, picking up his messes like crazy. But it is great that he has so much energy. Gone are the days of sleeping for 18 hours- now he naps a couple of hours a day, like any other 18 month old. Which is good- but life was less hectic when he was sleeping SOO much!

We have our first meeting with Early Intervention tomorrow, to get help with speech therapy, and see if he might have a sensory problem, as well. Should be interesting!

Jacob is growing soo fast!

I can't believe he is 3 months old already! It seems like he was born just yesterday. He is a much happier baby lately- his reflux seems to have resolved itself, and he smiles and laughs now. So cute!

Our house has been pretty chaotic lately. We just had a new furnace and ductwork installed:

The joys of purchasing a home built in 1970. It was built with electric heat, a furnace was added in the 80's, but it was done very WRONG. So, when our furnace went kaput this Spring, we saved our pennies. And now, after a week of mess and destruction, we have a new furnace and ductwork and our house is actually warm! Now it is being torn apart again, new exterior doors are being installed. Our 1970 wood doors were leaking air like crazy, so we decided part of our new furnace budget needed to go toward doors. Next up: fixing the drywall from having the new ductwork done. Some day this mess will be over and I can have my house back!

In the midst of all of the chaos, the grapes out back ripened. SO, it was grape juice time! Last week I picked 40 gallons of concord grapes, and made 65 quarts of grape juice. And yesterday I pick the white grapes, and made 39 quarts of white grape juice.

The crazy thing is, we actually drink that much juice in a year!

Otherwise, all is well in the James household. Staying away from people as much as possible (don't want Ash getting sick!). We've been playing outside, enjoying the last bit of good weather, and driving the canyons to see the fall colors. Time to go! Jacob is making his presence known.


  1. Love the "normal" days. You are a super hero. Grape juice is our fav too, I wish I had a concord vine in my yard! Wishing you continued HEALTH. Oh and I LOVED early intervention. I think it is the only reason Severin has not had any developmental setbacks. I'm sure you will love them too. They are so creative. When is Ashers finger surgery?