Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surgery Followup

Why is Asher bundled up like a little Eskimo?

We had SNOW!

Last week we had our first snowfall of the season. I'm not sure how much we actually received, but at least an inch of it "stuck". Asher was so excited when he looked out the window and saw it falling! So, we broke out the snowsuit and boots. So cute!

Asher had his surgery follow-up appointment today. Everything looked great, and sounded great. His heart is still a little more swollen than they would like it to be at this point, so he is going to stay on Lasix for the next 3 months (until he sees his cardiologist again).

Also, surgery for his pinkie finger (remember, the one he bit, had stitches, got infected, didn't heal right, and now needs a skin graft?) is officially scheduled for November 9th. Thankfully, it is just an outpatient procedure. He will be fully sedated under anesthesia, but he wont have to stay overnight.

And in other Asher news, we believe he has a speech delay (not surprising with these heart kiddos), and possibly a sensory problem. (We spoke with a speech pathologist while we were in the hospital). SO, he is being evaluated at the end of the month for Early Intervention.

We are busy, busy, busy, but Asher is doing great. It is such a relief, and so nice to have my happy, funny, active Asher back.

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