Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Breakfast and Hand Surgery News

This may sound bad, but since we've been keeping Asher home from church (lots of icky germs there- for some reason people WILL NOT stay home when they are sick), I've really started enjoying Sunday mornings. No mad rush to get out the door. I can make a nice breakfast, and help Adam and the older kids get ready to go. Then I get some (relatively) peaceful time with the babies, put them down for naps, and make a nice lunch for when everyone comes home (or, today, update my blog ;). Really a nice way to spend a morning.
Asher, contemplating stealing my pancakes.

Today, Jon stayed home also. After Thanksgiving, all of my little boys are now sick :(. Jon's pancake request was Optimus Prime.

Not sure if I succeeded, but he liked it!

Asher had surgery on his hand on the 9th. Overall, not a bad experience. Surgery was at 12:30, and lasted 1 1/2 hours. They ended up not doing a skin graft. They just revised his scar, did a zig zag cut, straightened out the finger, inserted a pin, and re-stitched the finger. He came home after a couple of hours in recovery. he came out of anesthesia really well this time. Usually he is an angry bear; I talked to the anesthesiologist about this beforehand, so he gave Asher a dose of morphine before he woke up, and he woke up sleepy rather than grumpy.

He's been doing okay at home. He has to wear a large splint (the pin is sticking out of his finger-gross!), and at first we struggled keeping it on him. However, after letting him go without, and then falling and pushing the pin in too far, and now having an infection that he is on antibiotics for, we have decided keeping the splint on him is a good thing!

He sees the surgeon again in 1 1/2 weeks, and the pin will be removed then. Poor guy- he's becoming a lefty now! he has had to relearn how to do everything!

Family photo from last Sunday- thanks Amy! Notice Asher's hand? That's the day he went without his splint and hurt it.

Okay, off to fix lunch for the family!


  1. Who is that DIVA in front? Wow Taylor! healthy winter wishes

  2. love the family pic! Hope Ahsers finger is healing up fine!