Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some People...

So... it's been awhile. Sorry.

As I've been reading through past posts, and reading other blogs lately, I realize I've been keeping things kind of at surface level. You know, this what we've done, blah blah blah. Which is nice, but, things haven't been totally rosy for me lately. I've been a bit down, and haven't really talked about it to anyone.
Sunday, we decided to be brave and take the whole family to church. The first time in MONTHS that we have ALL gone to church together. It was crazy, but good. I needed it. A neighbor came up to me at church, and mid-conversation asked how I'm doing. "Oh, I'm okay", I said, with a little laugh. My typical answer, I'm okay, things are fine, were doing alright. Well, he saw right through it, and didn't let it slide. He spoke to me about how some people have an awareness about how others are doing, and he shared some very sweet words of love and hope with me. Very much what I needed to hear. SO GLAD we went to church.

Financially, things have not been swell for us. Adam's pay is down (commission sales is not so swell), I haven't been receiving much of any real estate work (I do bank appraisals), hospital bills have been crazy (turns out, on top of this years deductible, there was an error and we still owe thousands toward our deductible from last year. Uugh.), and quite frankly I screwed up and have thoroughly mismanaged our money. Not my best moment.

Of course, I haven't really shared this with anyone. Christmas was going to be very lean this year. In fact, this past week I went and returned about half of the gifts I had gotten for the kids, because the money was needed for other things. That afternoon, I received a phone call from my Bishop, asking me if things were alright for Christmas, and if we could use some help. I just about started bawling, and graciously accepted the help offered. Some people are very aware of others needs, even when we don't ask for it, and don't necessarily feel like we deserve it.

Things haven't been all sad and depressing. Asher's finger drama is finally over; the pin was removed last week. It doesn't look great, is bending again, but for now there isn't anything that can be done.

We've been baking a lot, took Taylor to the Forgotten Carols, and Adam and I have had some fun together; we went to a Christmas party at his cousin Joshua's, which was a blast ( I won Girl Talk in the white elephant, remember that game?!), we went to a Christmas concert down at Velour in Provo on Adam's birthday, and we had a fun kid-free day/night Sunday night. I actually got to sleep in Monday! (Thanks mom).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, I still have a few gifts to finish up (going for a homemade thing this year). Ours will be full of gratitude for all we have been blessed with this year.

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  1. Love ya Carrine! Thanks for your honesty!

    The ability to be grateful is an amazing gift.

    ...I can't count the times we played "Girl Talk" at your house in Rialto! That's AWESOME that you got the game! :) We can play it when we all get together again...even if we're 80 years old when that finally happens! LOL!