Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Knew...

Who knew that this silly little California girl...

And this adorable little Nebraska boy...
Would grow up, and meet at a mall in Utah. And date, and date some more, and get ENGAGED!

Then, get married....

Have a blast on their honeymoon...

And still be going strong, nine years and 4 kids later!

The last nine years have been a whirlwind... we've had our ups and downs, but the positive experiences far outweigh the negative. I wouldn't change anything we've gone through together- our trials have shaped who we are today. I look forward to facing many more storms together (though hopefully not TOO many!), and enjoying every ounce of sunshine that comes our way.

I love you Mr. James! Happy Anniversary!


  1. Congratulations you guys! It is so nice to see people that are still so happy. Yay!

  2. holy scrap you look like Asher, or Asher looks like you! which ever way you look at it. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversay...(belated).... :)
    love ya!