Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life in Pictures

Fair warning: this is a picture heavy post. We have had a fun/busy winter.

We have gotten together at Willamette Mtn (AKA Joshua James' home) a few times. Christmas Party and New Years Party= fun times
We have played with this wild man A LOT

We visited Gardner Village on one of our many unseasonably warm days

I've been sewing up a storm. I made this dress for T when her class was on TV. Other things I've made lately: 2 baby quilts, 3 paper wreaths (much more labor-intensive than they sound), a HUGE watercolor painting (Christmas gift for Adam), valentine pillows, and I can't remember what else.

Baking. A lot of baking.

Walking the kiddos home from school. Love them!

Baby! Love taking pics of this boy.

Wild man got into the baking soda. That was fun to clean up!

Joshua James show in American Fork. We also went to a show in SLC. Love him! Check him out here .

Pretty little Lu had her ears pierced.

We are starting to potty train the boy. Not too successful- but he likes it!

Lu and baby J

I have been on a major soup kick. Here is a yummy butternut squash, with my homemade grape juice. I think I might start posting some of my recipes- Adam thinks I should.

One of the few snowstorms we've had. This is a tree outside of the library.

Daddy and daughter painting session. I've been teaching them how to paint watercolors.

Crazy boy, he thought his hair was an excellent place for yogurt. getting ready for a shower.

One of the valentine pillows. It's made out of a vintage hankie.

Domino's. Another favorite pastime lately.

So- that's a bit of what we've been up to. In heart news, Asher saw his cardiologist a couple of weeks ago for a surgery follow-up. It went GREAT! His heart is doing very well, it's only mildly enlarged now, and his new valve is not leaking AT ALL. Yay! By this point last time, he already had a moderate leak. 6 months post op and it was severe. SO we are thrilled. Dr. P says this valve should last 8-10 years. And if it doesn't last that long, they can replace it without open heart surgery. (But if it does last 8-10, surgery would be open heart, because at that point they would need to place a larger valve). All good things- we were just hoping to make it to pre-school with the valve! We don't see cardiology for another 6 months.

So that's life lately in a nutshell.


  1. i just don't think i could adore your family any more than i do. you are all so precious and beautiful. i miss adam, tell him i love him and i love you all! your little girl is WAY too pretty for her age. you better tell her boys are icky and to stay away. i'm so glad you have been hanging out at williamette mtn! so fun. :) i would love to get your recipes! i'm trying to start making more of my own food/mixes/etc, too. love you!

  2. I adore your pictures! You are so talented! I don't know how you find the time to do all of this. I just have Tanner and I barely feel like I can do anything. Such an inspiration to get off my behind and do stuff!

  3. love it! So glad you get a 10 year "break!" haha ya least it's 6 months! :)

  4. I am tired just looking at your post. When do you have the time to do those things? My day is FULL doing breakfast lunh and dinner, cleaning up from all three meals, taking care of kids needs and the house!