Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, I guess I haven't been great about updating my blog. Sorry! I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy.
Speaking of which, I had my ultrasound on the 4th. Just like my midwife suspected, I'm not as far along as my dates say I should be. My new due date is August 1st; I am 11.5 weeks pregnant. And that's alright with me! Now Ash and the baby will be only 15 months apart (instead of 14.5). Not a huge difference, but it matters to me! I am honestly terrified to have 4 kids. Excited for the baby, but #4! Yikes.
The kids have been enjoying all of the snow we have been receiving:

Taylor is still walking to and from school with the neighbors; they seem oblivious to the cold! I'm not, I'm enjoying staying bundled up inside as much as possible.
So far this month I've : Taken Ash and Jon to the Dr. (croup, ear infection, bronchitis-yay!), Had an ultrasound, had an appointment with my midwife, went out to dinner with my sis and her hubby, took Tay to a HopeKids craft night, took the kids to a HopeKids viewing of Tangled, finished a quilt, and almost finished another quilt. Plus I've been doing a few appraisals every week. Yes, we are busy. But other than those things, I have pretty much been home, trying to keep Ash away from germs.
I'm taking Asher to a pediatric urologist on the 20th to discuss having him circumcised. I would like to have it done before baby comes. Asher has been doing really well lately; he has 4(!) teeth, is crawling everywhere, almost sits up on his own, and is gaining weight! Yay! He had pretty much stalled in weight gain since his last surgery, hovering around fifteen pounds. But, now that we figured out his swallowing problem, he (at last check) was 16.5 pounds. WooHoo! He is starting to get little rolls now.
We are also training Asher to sleep through the night. We are just letting him cry it out. So, until he gets the hang of it, Adam and I are sleeping in the guestroom downstairs (I didn't realize how much I loved my new mattress until I started sleeping on the old one again!). Tonight will be our third night- I think tomorrow we'll sleep upstairs and see how he is doing. Cross our fingers he gets the hang of it fast!
Well, that is mostly us lately. Hope all is well for everyone!

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