Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, in my last post I mentioned that Ash is sick with a cold. I've been keeping an eye on it, and planned to see the pediatrician Monday. Then, I was talking to my sister this morning, and found out that a family member had sick kiddos at our Christmas get together, and on Monday she took them to the Dr. and found out that two of them have croup, and another has strep. I was not so thrilled to find this out. So, off I went to the insta care with the kids to make sure his cold is just a cold. (On a side note, insta-care with the kids and no hubby is not so fun. Fighting over chairs and books, yippee! But then they were so sweet- I left with the nurse to x-ray Ash's chest and when I came back, they were both sitting in their chairs and holding hands. It is amazing how a sucker can motivate good behavior!)

After giving the Dr. the low down on Asher's heart, and running through his symptons, the doc checked his ears- ear infection in the right ear. The chest x-ray showed haziness in his lungs, and he has a low grade fever and horrendous cough- croup. Yay! So, they gave him a dose of a steroid for the croup, and antibiotics for the ear. Hopefully all will be well in 3-4 days.

So... it looks like our family will be hibernating for the winter. I was hoping to not have to do this, but there will be no more get togethers with family this winter, and no more running errands with Ash. There are just too many germs out there, and he is too sensitive to them. If your kids are sick and you are going to be around us, please let us know. We love you all, but we don't want to risk hospitalizations with Ash so we can see people. You are more than welcome to visit us, so long as you and your family are healthy. Sorry, I hate to do this. It is not fun at all to stay cooped up, but we have to for our little guy. I hope everyone can understand.

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  1. Anything less than that would be down right silly on your parts ,so we understand and will look forward to being with you and yours at your house with clean hands and no coughs. mom & dad j