Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Busy Momma's Life...and Sick Kids!

Okay, I have been very rotten at posting lately. Yes, I've been busy, but still...I could have posted sooner and just didn't feel like it. Sometimes I'm lazy like that.
To start out with: Asher. He has been battling a right ear infection since January 1st. We will think it's gone, and then a week later...poof! Ear infection back. He is now on his fifth infection (just diagnosed today, yay!), and his fifth antibiotic. Oh, and he is also battling bronchitis. He is such a joy right now! Ha.
Asher also just had another swallow study done this week; this is where they take numerous x-rays while he swallows various consistencies of liquids. We were hoping to take him off of his thickener, and discover a cause for his "junky" breathing (a problem since his first surgery). No such luck. He still needs thickener (otherwise he takes liquids into his lungs, not his tummy), and they could see no cause for his breathing.
So, between the ear infections and the "junky" breathing, it looks like we will be seeing an ENT sometime soon.
Coming up: Asher has an MRI on the 20th of April, and then sees his cardiologist on the 26th. I will keep you posted on those results, and what happens when we see an ENT.
Taylor and I had fun taking pictures outside a couple of weeks ago:

She loves the camera ALOT. Taylor is sick right now also. We thought it was Strep (saw the doctor Tuesday, after she came home from school on Monday with a fever of 102). But, after 3 days of antibiotics, no improvement in her symptoms, her fever spiking even higher when the ibuprofen wears off, and her dry cough becoming MORE persistent... I think more is going on. Her Dr. says to bring her in Monday if we don't start seeing improvement over the weekend.

Jon boy is Jon boy. He's been great. Healthy and all! Well, except for 3 nights of a mystery fever a few weeks ago accompanied by waking up multiple times screaming bloody murder for a half hour. That was fun. But he is great now. Loves preschool, loves playing. Just a fun little guy to have around!
Showing off his muscles!

Taylor is doing a dance for the camera.

He we are in bed a few mornings ago. How did I convince my hubby to allow such a VERY girly quilt on our bed? He drew the line at pink sheets, though.

Here are the boys in bed. Jon passed out one morning, and Ash was driving him bonkers. It was really very cute.
The kids in the backseat of the van. This is a far too common sight! Between doctors appointments, and coming with me when I take pictures of houses for appraisals, they spend a lot of time in the backseat. They have learned to become very good travelers though!
In other news... we are having a baby BOY! I couldn't resist finding out what we were having when we had our ultrasound last week. Jon is very excited. Taylor is adjusting to the idea...she got mad and threw a rake when she found out. Now time to think of a name! (This is not a solicitation for ideas, however. Taylor has that covered! A few highlights: Lagine, Bangeeo, Neehi...Hmm. Thanks anyway.) Oh, and the ultrasound also showed no problems with the baby's heart. Although I won't feel out of the woods until after the fetal echo (ultrasound of just the heart).
I also started, and then 3 days later quit, a new job this month. I don't know why I thought I could manage a full time job, but I can't. Especially for a position that just wasn't a good fit for me. I'm not a quitter, but after 3 days I knew it wouldn't work. (FYI I hadn't been looking for a job. It just fell in my lap, so I figured what the heck, we could use the extra income. But it wasn't worth the extra stress.) So I am back at home now, still doing my appraisals, but basically an at home momma.
Here's a few pics of the kids playing in their Grandma James' front yard:

They had a lot of fun enjoying the little bit of warmer weather we had. Since just a few weeks ago, Taylor built this:
We can't wait for Spring around here!

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