Sunday, March 27, 2011

Longest Week EVER (okay...almost ever)

So, little Asher has been sick since Wednesday. Fever (102+), cough, runny nose, diarrhea, grumpy, sleepy, sick. I took him to his pediatrician Thursday. However, he was out of town, so we saw his partner. He VERY quickly looked over Asher, and told us he had bronchitis and a right ear infection. Prescribed an antibiotic and we were on our way in less than five minutes. It's now Friday, Ash is still really sick, still having fevers, but he hasn't been on medicine long, so I deal with it. (Remember, Tay is also sick with Strep this whole week. So fun.). Saturday, Ash is still very sick, fever is persisting, and now he is having a hard time breathing. Like, every time he takes a breath he does a little grunt, and just looks absolutely exhausted. He also isn't eating well anymore, and I start thinking maybe this isn't bronchitis. So I call hubbs at work, and decide to take him to Urgent Care once he comes home that night. Well, I don't make it there until 8pm. The doctor took one look at him, how deep he was inhaling with each breath, and checked his oxygen (88-89%, not terrible for the old Ash, but since surgery he has been 97-98%), and sent us off to Primary Children's ER. So, I stopped at home and packed an overnight bag (I'm learning!), and off we went. After lots of testing, and waiting, and chest x-rays, they ruled out RSV and pneumonia, and about 4-5 hours into the ordeal, he tested positive for Influenza type B (Yes we ALL had the flu vaccine. It happens). Plus an ear infection. Since he was having a difficult time breathing, we stayed overnight so they could monitor his oxygen and respirations. After a looong night (didn't get to bed until 3am!), the team came and looked at him. They decided that as long as he was maintaining oxygen above 95% (which he was most of the time: as long as he wasn't eating, screaming, or sometimes sleeping), and if he was taking fluids reasonably well, we could go home later on. We ended up getting discharged at 1pm today. Yay! He is now on Tamiflu, and his antibiotic, and is taking Motrin for pain/fever. We are making sure he is drinking, and he is sleeping lots now. So, now we just have to watch and make sure he is on the mend. Pray that he keeps healing, and baby and momma can get some rest!

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  1. I'm so sorry! It seems like the bugs just keep making their rounds-come on summer! I hope you are sneeking in a nap.