Thursday, April 7, 2011

OF COURSE there's a complication!

So, as you know we are expecting baby #4 , and given Asher's heart defect, we have been very concerned that this baby might also have one. (Odds are typically 1 in 100, but since Asher has a CHD, odds increase to 5 in 100). After we had our ultrasound at 20 weeks, and all looked clear with this baby's heart, we felt we could breathe a little easier (though I won't feel completely okay until after our fetal echo on the 15th). Then I saw my Nurse-Midwife last week. She confirmed that all looked well on the ultrasound...but. BUT?! Well, apparently the placenta decided to attach on my uterus, where my scar from Taylor's C-section is. Big deal, right? It has to attach somewhere, and as long as it isn't blocking the cervix, all is well, right? Not quite. Uuugghh. SO, the placenta attaching on the scar can cause all sorts of complications. The baby could get inadequate nutrition, the placenta may not grow large enough for the baby, I could go into preterm labor, the placenta could detach from the uterus early, I could hemorrhage, OR when I deliver the baby, the placenta could be attached too strongly, and require intervention, which typically leads to hemorrhaging and a hysterectomy. Lovely. And the real kicker is there is not a darn thing I can do about it. So, now we hope and pray that the placenta moves (which there is a CHANCE it might do). I have another ultrasound scheduled in May, and that will give us a better idea of what we are looking at. SO please send good thoughts/prayers our way. Because I'm kind of freaking out right now.


  1. The Placenta will fix itself. Don't stress, God is watching out for you and your little one.
    Just remember, if you cannot control it it is in God's hands and God loves you very much.

  2. Prayers and hugs coming your way!!

  3. i had a placenta issue with kaitlyn. it decided to hang out over my cervix for a wjile causing me to bleed any time i was on my feet....hence my 16 weeks of bed rest. but it moved...and she came out just fine.......hope that makes you feel a little better...but i was freaked out too!...prayin for ya!

  4. Oh Poo! Prayers coming your way. Just get this little guy here safely for both of you.