Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medical Updates and Life

First things first- I had my fetal echo last Friday for baby #4 and...all is well! Yay! They found nothing wrong with his heart. Actually, things looked so good, they took additional 3-d images to use for teaching. What a nice change, extra pictures because things look so perfect!

Today, Asher had a sedated MRI. Not so much fun. It took quite a while to get him fully sedated (they used the maximum amount of sedation allowed for a baby his size). Then, during the MRI, his blood pressure dropped, so he needed extra fluids and medication. If that's not enough, he started coming out of sedation while they were still doing the MRI. But they were still able to get all of the images they needed. When they brought him to me, he was very drugged, and very angry! It took at least 15 minutes to calm him down. Then he had a bottle, and 5 minutes later proceeded to throw it all up. Beautiful. After a lot of cuddling, and clear liquids, we were able to get him to go to sleep. While he slept, however, his oxygen was not stellar (89-90% vs. his normal of 98%), and when he was drinking it was worse (83-85%). So he was on blow-by oxygen while we were there. We wonder now if he might always do that with his sats, and we just don't know because we don't have him on monitors at home. We won't find out how his heart is doing until Tuesday, when I see Asher's Cardiologist. Long day! I was there just shy of 5 hours, and I am pooped now.

Asher enjoying the nice weather last weekend
Jon at the park- he was so excited, you couldn't wipe that grin off his face!

Taylor and the tire

Taylor trying to look pretty while she went up the spider web (like her dress? I made it out if an old pillowcase!)

Jon being brave on the pole!

John and the spider web.

It's spring break right now for the kiddos, hopefully the weather will cooperate! I will update when we speak with Dr. P- have a great Easter!

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