Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St George Trip Day 1, and Fun with Locked Vans!

First of all, Asher is doing much better. We were on the verge of taking him to the ER Sunday night-for dehydration- and then at 3 am he finally decided he would drink pedialyte. By 9 am, he had taken in 9 ounces of fluids, and peed for the first time in over 24 hours! Yay! He's been drinking pretty regularly today, and is peeing regularly, so we seem to be getting over the worst of it. His tummy is still upset- but not nearly as bad as it was.

Here are some pics from our first day in St. George. We desperately needed a vacation, so we went and stayed at Adam's sister's 2nd home there for a few days. It was so nice to just have a break from everything!

Our first day there, we went to breakfast at the Bear Paw (great food- but a little pricey for breakfast!). Then, we walked around downtown, and the kids had a blast at this park in the middle of the city.

Taylor posing on the waterfall

Daddy splashing Asher. The water so shallow, it was great for Asher to splash around in.

Synchronized splashing from Tay and Jon

Adam and Tay catching some sun

Silly Jon trying to catch the water in his shorts. Goofy boy!

I love how I managed to catch Tay mid-air here!

Another neat water feature downtown, across from the Bear Paw.

After all the fun downtown, we went back to the house. The kids (and Adam!) all napped, and I did some grocery shopping. Then grilled hot dogs for a late lunch, and we just hung out for the rest of the day. I will post more about the trip as I finish editing photos.

Oh, one last thing. My adventure for today! I came home this afternoon after running errands with the kids. I brought Asher in, and Tay and Jon trailed in after. A little later I went out to the garage, and noticed a light on in the van. Hmmm.. I go to open the door to turn it off, but the door is locked. Uh Oh. Where are the keys? On the dashboard. Do we have a spare? Heavens no. After talking to the kids, I learn that Taylor locked the van as she got out, so that Jon couldn't get back in and play in it. Nice idea, if the keys hasn't been inside. So, I talked to her about never, ever locking the van, and then proceeded to try and unlock it. Not Fun. Thankfully, the passenger door wasn't shut quite all the way (thus the interior light was on), so I was able to wedge a coat hanger into the crack. Now the really fun part! Getting the little loop of the coat hanger hooked under the toggle so I can lift it up to unlock the door. After a lot of failed attempts, and giving up for awhile so I could tuck the kids in bed, success! I am proud that I was able to do it myself, but we will be getting a spare key made tomorrow!

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  1. Oh the locked in van keys -story of my life! I'm so glad Asher is doing better, without a hospital trip. What a beautiful, and relaxing vacation. I'm glad the weather was on your side. Happy summer!