Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surgery Date Scheduled!

Surgery is officially scheduled for September 26th. We were hoping for a little sooner, but Ash's surgeon will be gone for 2 weeks, and the 26th is his first day back. Also, since Ash is sick, we have to wait until he is better, and then add 2 weeks to that before they will operate. Uggh. So, our family is quarantined because Asher is sick right now, and because we don't want him getting sick again.

It's been a bit cooler here today, which has been nice. This morning I was talking to Adam, and commented that the weather reminds me of Palo Alto (where Ash had his 2nd OHS). Well, of course it does! Ash will have his 3rd surgery almost EXACTLY 1 year later. So crazy. As stressful as that time was in California, sending our baby in for very major surgery, we still miss that place. Hopefully someday we can go there for vacation!

I've also noticed I feel a bit more apprehensive about this surgery. I think it is just because we know Asher so much more now. He is older, has a definite personality, and is just so much a part of our family. I guess there is more fear about something going wrong; in some way I feel the loss would be that much harder on us now if something were to go wrong, as unlikely as it may be.

Enough rambling! So, the 26th is the day, and now the planning begins! We are busy having pre-op tests done, scheduling time off work, planning help with the kids, and pumping milk for the baby, since he won't be at the hospital with me during the day. I thought things were crazy before. Ha!

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