Thursday, September 29, 2011


We are home! Yay! We got to the hospital at 8:30 this morning, and our sweet nurse informed us that as soon as we were ready, Asher could be discharged. We were so excited! She got started on the paperwork, and had Bonnie, the Cardiology nurse practitioner, come up. In the meantime, we bathed Asher, and got him dressed in his cute monster jammies to come home. Dr. Kaza didn't have any surgeries today, so he came up to say goodbye to Asher.

We love Dr. Kaza! You couldn't have a nicer guy operate on your child. He says he feels like every patient is his own child, and that when he is doing surgery, he is an instrument in God's hands. Really, he is the best. And he came to see us several times every day! So great.

While we waited, Daddy and Asher had some cuddle time in the rocker. Asher is so much happier today over yesterday. He is more like his normal self.

Goodbye morphine Asher! He is now on just tylenol and ibuprofen.

Goodbye oxygen sensors, iv's, and heart monitors!

Goodbye iv pokes. Ouch!

Goodbye "prison" crib

We are soo happy to be home. So grateful all went well. So blessed to have Asher home with us.


  1. YIIIPPPPEEEEE! I am so glad you got a pict with Dr. Kaza- that is the one thing I wished I had, lucky us I will have another chance. I hope you have a restful night with all the chicks in the nest.