Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dress-ups, Hot Cocoa, and Snow!

We woke up to snow again yesterday! Winter is definitely arriving. So, we decided to stay home (almost) all day. Taylor went off to school, and I went grocery shopping. Then I just stayed home with my hubby (his day off!) and Jon and Asher. We cuddled on the couch, drank hot cocoa, and RELAXED.
Naked Jon Jon drinking cocoa in Daddy's ski cap. Does this boy ever wear clothes?

Jonathan's best silly face. Needs work!

Taylor and her friend Eliza. Eliza came to play after school. They had lots of fun on dress ups! Taylor has quite the stash...

Silly faces from the girls. Tay is a total ham.
After Eliza left, and homework got done, I was going a little stir crazy. Too much time with the kids indoors, apparently! My patience was gone, and I didn't have it in me to make dinner. SO, I called my mother in law to rescue me! I fed and jammied the kids, and dropped them off at her house. Then I went on a DATE with my husband. I got all dolled up and everything! We ate yummy authentic Italian pizza at a restaraunt in Draper, and then he even took me to buy a new pair of jeans (the state that my jeans are in is embarassing. And I only fit, like 2 pair of my old jeans). Of course, by the end of the night Adam was sick and coming down with something nasty. So once we got home, and got kids in bed, I had to take care of a sick husband. But it was so worth a night without my precious little ones. It would be nice to say I missed them, but not so much. Oh, and Asher actually slept through the night! I know! I've been the energizer bunny today!

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  1. yay for a MIL that will rescue you, new jeans, and a date! :)