Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fishing with Grandpa

So, I get a call from my in laws yesterday. They wanted to know if Adam and Taylor would like to go fishing with his Dad that evening. He is in scouts, and wanted to take the boat up to the lake before a scouting event the next morning. So, Adam left work an hour early to go with. When he gets home to pick up Taylor, Jon Jon is throwing a fit because he isn't going, and Taylor is rubbing it in. So, Adam decided to take both of them with.

After lots of delays, they finally got tothe lake at about 6:15 pm. And the boat won't start. And Adam's dad is on the boat with the kids, while Adam is still on shore. Uh Oh. So, Adam texts me and asks me to say a quick prayer. Then the boat starts! (love the power of prayer) So, Adam gets on, and they (unsuccesfully) try to do a little fishing with the kids. By now it's dark out, so they decide to dock the boat. On the way to the dock, Adam takes the boat on a wide turn to dock it. Now, the last time Adam was at this lake was in the summertime, when it was a lot more full. Now the water has lowered, but Adam doesn't realize that, because it is so dark. SO, he does a wide turn, thinking he is well away from the shore. Wrong! The boat slams to a stop, stuck in a mud bank. Fabulous. After trying to unstick the boat, they decide to get out and start walking. Now they are on the opposite side of the lake from where the truck is, it's late, dark, and they have 2 little kids with them. After trudging through the mud, and then a mess of stickers (carrying the kids, no less) Adam carries the kids up a hill to the highway. Yep, they hitch hike on the highway, with the kids! Someone very kindly stops, and drops everyone off at the truck. By the time they got home (I think it was almost 10 pm at this point) the kids are shot, Jon Jon is screaming, and Adam is filthy and worn out. So glad he went fishing, and took and extra kid! At least everyone was safe. And I got a quiet night at home, catching up on my DVR'd shows! Asher slept almost the whole time they were gone. I just keep telling Taylor that she got to go on an adventure!

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