Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The snow decided to retreat for the time being, and now we get to enjoy beautiful fall weather here! We spent the afternoon yesterday raking leaves and getting the yard ready for the winter. Of course, I couldn't help myself, and started snapping pictures of the kids instead! (Sorry Adam!) Taylor enjoyed ruining our piles by throwing them up in the air. And we've discovered an ingenious way of getting rid of leaves! Rake them into a layer on the grass, and mow them up with the lawn mower! Saves so much time and backache bagging them.

Taylor mid-throw:

Sweet Jonathan

My little model-in-training

Jon kept shaking his head "no" when I would ask him to smile. Check out that hair!

Daddy and Jon Jon. Adam thinks he's a cowboy when he works in tha yard. He even starts speaking with a twang! All cowboys work with ipods, right?

Thoughtful Adam:

Sophie (neighbor friend), Taylor, and Jon. They think they are monkies sometimes.

Oh yeah, and here is Asher:

Do you see those two teeth on the bottom? My baby is growing up! He is quite the expert roller now, as well. He often winds up in the kitchen when I put him on his playmat in the family room. Silly baby!
Asher saw the pediatrician yesterday; all is well. He 25.25 inches tall, weighs 15 lbs and is in the 30th and 25th percentile, respectively. Not bad for a heart baby! He got his 6 month vaccines, and the flu shot. He won't start his Synagis injections (for RSV) until Primary Childrens declares it RSV season. Then it is a monthly trip to the pediatrician's for it!
Asher was great yesterday, but today he is having a reaction to his shots. Super grumpy, lethargic, fever of 101, and not hungry. Poor guy. I spoke with his pediatrician, and he thinks he will get over it in a day or two. So I'm just giving him tylenol to help out.
Otherwise things are going well in our home. Jon got over his flu, I am almost over my cold, and we are just keeping busy with life. I've noticed since I've been home, I take a lot more time to spend with the kids. It's okay for the dishes to wait, it is more important to build those memories with them. I wasn't great at that in the past, they heard a lot of "sorry I'm busy", or "leave mommy alone, she's working". I try not to do that anymore. I don't want them to remember me always being busy, I want them to remember me playing with them.

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