Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cardiologist Appointment and Life Lately

Wow, things have been busy around here. Nothing new, really! First things first, Asher had a sedated echocardiogram yesterday. He had to start fasting at 8am (uuggh) for a 1:30 pm appointment. So, I was up at 7:30, got Taylor off to school, woke up Ash and fed him, got Jon ready for pre-school (Adam dropped him off and the went snowboarding. Lucky!), then I got ready and headed off to my appointment with my nurse-midwife.
After driving 30 minutes up to the U of U for my 10:20 appointment, I endured the pleasure of waiting 45 minutes with a hungry baby for my midwife, who was running late (of course!). And then the joy of a prenatal appointment with a 7 month old baby who just wants to crawl around and can't because the floor is super gross. Fun! Next up blood work, and then lunch. (It is now 12:15pm). Then, up to Primary for Ash's appointment. Chest xray was first up for him. Then we saw the cardiology nurse, then a gal from sedation came and talked to us. Then the waiting game began for the IV team to come and give Ash an IV. Not sure how long I waited for them, but Ash fell asleep in the meantime, and our 2:30 echo didn't start until after 3!
It took awhile to get Ash fully sedated. But he recovered really quickly! On the way to the recovery room, he was already rolling over in his crib. He downed a couple of bottles and then they let us go. But not home yet! Next we had to see his cardiologist to go over the echo. Everything looked great. Yay! There is a leak from his pulmonary valve (which is the one they placed in his last surgery, he wasn't born with one). However, his Dr. says that is typical with this type of surgery. His blood flow and heart function are great. It was so wonderful to see his oxygen saturation at 99%! Next he will do an MRI in 4-6 months. Dr. P is worried that there may be some narrowing of his branch pulmonary arteries, but the echo doesn't show that area, and an MRI would.
Asher also is going to have a swallow study done next week. Anyone who has been around Ash knows he is a very noisy breather, and it is much worse when he eats. And the spit up! So, his cardiologist thinks he could have some reflux or regurgitation going on, or a problem with his vocal chords. A swallow study should show exactly what is going on. It will be nice to get some answers! He is one noisy guy!
My midwife thinks I might be closer to 8 weeks pregnant rather than 10 weeks, which is alright with me! The further apart these two are, the better. So, I get to go for an ultrasound on the 4th of January, so we can figure out how far along I am. I feel like I'm living in Dr's offices! SO, that's the news for our family medically lately. Otherwise we've been having lots of fun!
Adam and I took Taylor to the Forgotten Carols on the 6th. She loved it! When one of the main vocalists sang his first song, Taylor said to me "Mom, he was born to sing...and so was I!". Really cute. She followed the story really well. After we left, she said she felt like Jesus was sitting next to her. Sweet.

Wednesday the 8th Taylor had her last day of Creative Dance. It was cute to see all of the little girls prance around. Right after class, we met Daddy for some Chinese food, and then went to a special performance of Mountain West Ballets "Nutcracker". It was their final dress rehearsal, and they let HopeKids Families come as their special guest. We were able to take pictures with some of the dancers at intermission, which Taylor loved.

Finally finished up Christmas decorating! Here is the paper wreath I made.

Here is our tree. You can't see it very well (miss my nice camera!), but there is a cute paper chain on it that Tay and I made a couple years ago.

Here is the railing in the entryway.

Stockings on the back of our chairs at the dining table. Our house is overrun with stockings! My sister in law gave us personalized ones for Christmas one year. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get these cute ones again, so the day after Christmas and bought some that kind of coordinated. But I wasn't thrilled with them, so then I went to Pottery Barn and bought more of the same ones (they were on sale!). Plus I already had some mismatched ones I collected over the years. So, now I have over 18 stockings! A bit much, I think.

You might think this outside my house. No, this is my fireplace in my dining room (love homes built in 1970!). After getting tired of the kids playing with my nice Nativity set, I decided to set it up in the little nooks on the fireplace. Now the kids can't touch it!
Anyway, that is us lately. Friday the kids are sleeping over at Grandma Cheryl's, and Adam and I get to have a night on the town for his birthday. Woo Hoo!

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