Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have a working camera now, but it's not my nice one. I haven't made it to the repair shop yet, so I'm just using a little point and shoot that I have. So don't judge the quality of my pics! We've been a bit busy the past couple of days. We had our church Christmas party last night. It was a lot of fun, and I ate a lot of good (but fattening!) food.
A startled Asher at the party. He was up waaay past his bedtime.

The kids at our church, being read a story. The kids really liked it! It was the calmest they were all night, otherwise they were all running around like wild little monkeys!

Asher nibbling on his crackers with Daddy. As long as Ash has a cracker, bottle, hand, toy in his mouth, he is a happy camper.

Today I took the kids to see Santa at Adam's work. It sure beats the mall! No line, easy to park, and you can take your own pictures without being hassled!
Jon was so excited when he saw Santa he went running straight for him! he can hardly contain himself here.

The kiddos. Tay told Santa she wants a puppy and a barbie. Fat chance on the puppy, but I think Santa can manage a barbie. Jon told Santa he wants a talking monster truck. He is consistent in his request, it is all I've heard about for a month! But at $50 (!!!) dollars, it is not likely. Hopefully he'll be happy with a firetruck!
After seeing Santa, we decided we should go visit his elves! Gardner Village has elves set up all throughout all of the shops, so we went to visit. At only (!) 40 degrees out, it was one of the better days all week to do it.

The kids loved running around spotting the elves. Ash is chewing on yet another cracker!

Taylor posing!

They set up an empty shop with a cute little elf scene inside. The elves inside were getting all of the toys ready to be sent out.

This elf is checking the naughty and nice list.

Taylor helping the elves hang lights. We haven't gotten ours up yet- All the snow took us by surprise!

This is a barber elf in the background, giving another elf a haircut.
Elves on a cute old carriage. I think I broke some rules letting the kids sit on it!

Elf musicians

Camping elves!

Elves selling Christmas trees

My monkeys!

An elf gingerbread house

The kids wished it was real cocoa

This one drew a crowd. The elves were animated, skating on the ice.

Elves playing on the chairs.
It was a fun day, but I'm exhausted after all of it. The fatigue part of pregnancy has kicked in! We came home, ate dinner, and the kids watch Rudolph while I straightened up the house. Now they are all in bed, and I get a little quiet time before Adam comes home. Yay!

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