Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catch Up!

Life has been busy lately, and I am feeling the full effects of my first trimester. S o it has been a while since I posted! I'm strting to feel human again, though, so hopefully I can stay on top of my blog!
So in the past two weeks we have had: Hope Kids Christmas Party, Book Club, Adam's Birthday, visit to Grandma's, CHRISTMAS, Swallow Study, Synagis injection, and yucky colds!
The Christmas Party was great, the kids had a blast. I was exhausted, though! It was the day of the marathon Dr. appointments, so I was shot by the time we got there. They had pizza, drinks, hot cocoa, veggie trays, cake, and snacks (perfect for kids). Santa was there, and a magician was walking around doing tricks. The highlight (for Jonathan at least!) was "Marcus the Funny Man". He was a comedian (very little kid humor) that put on a great show for the kids. Jon couldn't stop laughing, he was practically rolling on the floor! All of the tables had different crafts set up for the kids to do, which Taylor loved. Upstairs, there was a photographer taking family portraits, and there was abother room full of toys for each hopekid to pickout and take home. It was a great night, but I was pooped!
I hosted book club this month, and we did a craft night instead of a book. It was great hanging out with the girls and making little fabric flowers. We played a little too long, though! I didn't get to bed until 2 am; it took a week for me to recover from it!
Adam's birthday was great; it was nice having time for just the two of us, and we took full advantage. We saw "TRON", went out to dinner, and saw "Christams Carol" at Hale Center Theater. Fun night, and I enjoyed getting a full nights sleep!
Asher had his Swallow Study done last Tuesday. It turns out Asher aspirates everytime he drinks his bottle. Beautiful! The speech pathologist was amazed that he has never had pneumonia with how much he is taking into his lungs. So, now we are thickening his bottles with simplythick (of course Primary Childrens is the only place that carries it!). I can tell it his helping, he doesn't spit up anymore, but he is still a noisy little guy. We'll see how it goes.
Christmas Eve we made toffee and took it to our neighbors. Then Tay had some fun taking pictures of us:

Later that night we had a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause (AKA Grandma and Grandpa James). The kids loved it. This was the only shot where John wasn't staring at him!

Christmas was great. I woke up at 5:30 am with Asher, and couldn't fall asleep because I was waiting for the kids to wake up. They finally did at 7 am, and they were so excited to see what Sant brought them!
Jon loves his bat cave!

And matchbox cars, of course, among other things.

Taylor got lots of games to play

And a build a bear set, Rapunzel, her horse, and more.
Asher has been a busy boy lately. He is crawling everywhere, and has now started trying to climb! He also pulls himself to sitting. He experienced the joy of synagis injections this week, and Taylor finally got her flu shot. Jon has been fighting a nasty cold, which he is starting to get over. But now Ash and I are getting it. Yuck.
Adam has been busy at work, and has been snowboarding 2-3 times a week.
Alright, time to help Ash. He is not enjoying being sick!

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