Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anniversary! ...and more happenings

Adam and I just had our Eight Year wedding anniversary yesterday. Eight years, almost 4 kids, I'm starting to feel old! We had a great time. I arranged for my mom to come and watch the kids for us Monday and Tuesday, so Adam and I could got out. We went up to Park City to do a little window shopping, then headed to Midway, and stayed at The Blue Boar Inn bed and breakfast. I love the Blue Boar, seriously. We got there at about 4 in the afternoon, just as a major storm blew into town. We got settled in and got ready for a divine dinner at the restaurant at the inn. The food was amazing! A venison appetizer, french onion soup, scallops, and our entrees: Adam had buffalo with scalloped potatoes and creamed spinach, I had (after a filet mignon that just didn't hit me right, so I sent it back!) outstanding boar chops, with fingerling potatoes and braised cabbage, carrots, and apples. Yummm! Dessert was creme brulee. We headed to our room at about 8:15 (couldn't go anywhere with the snow!). Then, I passed out! I was soo tired. I think I had a bit of a bug, because I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy, and was majorly hot. Our room was set at 65, and I had the window open, and I was still sweating! Adam was very sweet and patient, and just let me sleep it off. A bit of a bummer ending to a nice day.
My cute husband. In honor of anniversary, I thought I would share how we met! We both worked at the mall (Fashion Place in Murray, UT). I sold glasses, he sold watches. One day I was at the food court getting lunch, and I saw him in line at a sandwich shop. Soo, I decided I wanted a sandwich. I tried my darndest to catch his attention, but the most I got was a smile before he scurried off. A couple of days later (after being stood up by date that was supposed to pick me up at work!), I saw him in his store (before that I didn't know where he worked). I decided to pretend I wanted to buy a watch, and walked in. Of course, his coworker helped me! So I really had to pretend. I did catch Adam checking me out, which was reassuring! (After the fact I found out Adam kicked his coworker when he went over to help me!). I left, no watch and no date. Then I talked with a friend at the mall, and decided- what the heck! Why not make a total fool of myself and just ask him out (this was completely out of character for myself, I was actually really shy!). So , I walked in, and waited for him to finish with a customer (his coworker was gone on a break). He asked how he could help me, and I said "This is going to sound really forward, but what are you doing tonight?". He said "Well, my name is Adam. Write down your name and phone number, and I'll give you a call tonight. I'm taking my brother out to a movie after work for his birthday, and I'll call you after that." So I gave him my name and number, and prayed he would actually call. At about 11:15 pm, he did! (The mall closed at 9pm). He actually came over that night, and gave me a big hug as soon as I opened the door. We just watched TV that night, but there was definitely a connection, and we ended up seeing each other everyday from then on. Almost a year and half later, we got married! I think we have one of the few marriages that started as a mall romance!
In other happenings:
Taylor had ballet last night, and Jonathan really had fun on the railings!

And here are the pics from bowling last Friday. I decided to post them anyway, in spite of their poor quality!
Jon and his Batman shirt, enjoying our drink.

Taylor, Jon, and Uncle Chris. Jon kept trying to grab the heavy balls.

Taylor being a cheese.

Adam and Ash. Everyone played musical baby while we all had our turns bowling!

Jon Jon.
Cheaters! The kids had a lot more fun once we started using the ramp and they stopped throwing gutter balls.

Tay Bug.

My niece Lexi.

Taylor after actually hitting some pins!

Uncle Chris helping Jonathan.

Teaching him how to granny-bowl.
So, that's been us lately. Still working on photo-a-whenever-I-get-to-it-day!


  1. Keep up the good work dear,I love peeking in on your life.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I love the are so not shy to be able to do that!