Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo a Day, Day 2

Okay, Day 2 of my photo-a-day of my kids. And I actually got photos of everyone today!
Taylor got very into it. She LOVES the camera. This is the best shot. (FYI I am not real into taking photos inside. My camera is not great at it- the lighting has to be absolutely perfect or there is a ton of "noise" in the photo and it wont focus. Anyway.)
Asher kept trying to grab the camera and would not sit still to save his life. This is the most focused shot I was able to get.

And Jonathan. Hmm...Well, this is somewhat typical for him in the afternoon. Passed out on the couch with cartoons on (or the iPad in his lap). Notice the cowboy boots? His absolute favorite- he wears them almost everyday.
So, that is today's batch. Not a real eventful day for us around here. Cleaning, trip to Wal Mart, lunch. It IS freezing cold here. It was only 5 degrees out when I took Taylor to school this morning! Brrr.

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  1. I tried this one year, and realized it is easier to take a picture once a week!! Good luck. We should swap family pictures for each other. I need some of my family, but get super annoyed trying to take them muyself.