Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Fun

It was beautiful here yesterday, about 50 degrees out and the sun was shining. After church we had a nice lunch, and went on a walk around the neighborhood. Then the kids pulled out their bikes and roller skates and played on the driveway. I had fun taking pictures of them. Here are some of them:
Taylor rode past on her bike and gave me the biggest grin! So cute. I put her hair in curlers the night before. Side story: That morning one side wasn't curled (they fell out), so I pulled out the curling iron to touch up. I was on the second section of hair, and when I went to pull the iron out, her hair came with it! Half a section of her hair burned right off! Yikes! (Not to mention the smell!). That curling iron is now in the garbage.
Jon basking in the sun.
Cute profile!
Had to pick the nose!
Serious profile.
Little Jon took his valentine mailbox he made at preschool, and put it in the big mailbox, so he could get more valentines. Cute!
Silly faces!

Jon has the best lips ever.
Tay on her bike. She put this dress on after we told her to change out of her church clothes. She is a very girly girl!

Taylor helping Jon on his roller skates. This was so precious!

Daddy helping Jon.

The best shot I could get of Asher. He didn't enjoy being outside. Actually, he didn't enjoy much of anything yesterday. He is getting MORE teeth, and has been quite the grump lately.
After the fun outside, my sister and her husband came over for a nice dinner (Beef Provencal). It was a great Sunday!

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