Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Pic's

Okay, I'm not so good at photo-a-day. But I'm doing well with photo-every-other-day! We had a lot of fun bowling Friday night, but I forgot my camera! And my i-phone photos didn't cut it. So, we are having a relaxing Sunday today, no big Super Bowl plans. Just hanging out with the kiddos!
Asher was loving eating apple rings. It was so adorable when he got a piece stuck on his nose!
All better. At least when he's eating apple rings, he isn't grabbing the camera!


Mmm..popsicles! First thing every morning Jon asks for a popsicle. He just doesn't understand that it is not an appropriate breakfast!

Won't even look up!


Tay loves popsicles, as well.

But she loves camera's also. Even with a mouthful of popsicle!

And now the posing begins! It can be difficult to get this little girl to just act natural.

But sometimes, you catch her at just the right time.

Popsicles, and iPad, and Netflix. A perfect Sunday.

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