Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Times at the Hospital!

We had a very eventful weekend around here! Jonathan woke up at 5 am Friday morning. Wonderful! I don't need sleep, anyway. He was crying a lot, and when I went to pick him up- yikes! He was burning up. I checked his temp, and he was 102.5. I asked him if anything hurt, and he said his hand and arm hurt. Huh- why would that hurt? So I tucked him back in, thinking I would take him to the pediatrician first thing in the morning. Well, he never settled back down, and I couldn't fall back asleep. He came in my room again at about 5:30, and we tucked him in to bed with us. I talked to Adam about his temp, and what he said hurt, and we decided to call the pediatrician at his on call number.
(Background story- Jon has had a yucky wart on his middle finger for a good month. We tried at home treatments, but nothing worked. So, Monday, I took him to the pediatrician. He applied an appointment to it that makes it blister and eventually fall off. Oh, and Asher had an ear infection, poor guy! So, Jon's wart started blistering, and I had been checking it daily and putting band aids on it constantly. Okay- you're all caught up!)
SOO- I called the pediatrician and told him what was going on. He asked what his hand looked like- Duh! I hadn't even checked. So I turned on the light. His finger with the wart was all red and swollen, and he had red streaks going up his hand to his wrist. And his hand and arm were very hot. He said we should go straight up to Primary's ER. So, I packed up, changed clothes, and off we went. Thankfully, the ER was dead, so we were seen right away. After they examined him, they started an IV, drew blood, and lanced the wart to take a culture from it. He got started on antibiotics, and they moved us to a more permanent room. At that point, the plan was for a 24 hour stay to make sure the antibiotic was working. Well, it didn't work. By 1pm, his fever was spiking again, and the infection had spread up his arm and was now in his lymphatic system. Lovely! So, we were moved up to the medical unit, and had a new team of Dr's working on him. To make a long story short, after trial and error on a few antibiotics, a bad iv (and a new one getting placed), and 3 days at the hospital, we were able to go home Sunday afternoon. He takes antibiotics three times a day for 10 days and needs to follow up with his pediatrician. Oh- they determined that it was a staph infection.
Of course, it couldn't have happened on a worse weekend. It was the weekend of Adam's Grandfathers funeral (he passed away the week before very suddenly from respiratory failure). I was able to make it to the viewing Friday night due to some very kind friends helping us out, but couldn't attend the funeral Saturday, which was quite a bummer. His grandfather performed our marriage, so he was very dear to us and will be missed greatly.
Here are some pics I took today:
Flowers from Grandpa's funeral
I have a new goal for February to take a photo a day of the kids. We'll see how it goes! Jon was less than cooperative with it today, and I haven't been able to get Tay yet, since she has been at school.
In other news, our insurance just denied Asher's circumcision (sorry if that is too much information for some of you!). They will only cover it for the first 3 months. And since it is not medically necessary at this time, they won't take care of it. Never mind the fact that it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to be circumcised in the first 3 months. They do not care, and will not cover. Of course, I am appealing the decision, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I have to.
Anyway, that is life for now. Will post more of my daily pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Do you have a good umbrella? It seems to be pouring on you! What a bummer like you don't spend enough time at PCMC. I love the pict of your nudie boys, that is how my kids look for the majority of the day. I choose to pick my battles. I hope things are looking up!