Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jonathan's 1st Day of Pre-School!

Okay, technically Tuesday was the first day. But I didn't like Tuesday's pics, so I had a do-over today. Jon-Jon goes to Busy Bugs pre-school with his little buddy Cameron, and he loves it! How adorable is his little tie shirt? I saw a pre-printed one online, and decided I could make it. I appliqued and then hand embroidered the tie on. Love it! Tay wants one with a bow on it.


  1. I LOVE that tie shirt! Great idea!!

    So.. we have been to Stanford a bunch of times, but have never been able to actually get into the Ronald McDonald House. We did tour and it is very nice and comfy.

    We had our first pleasure of staying in 3West which is a cardiac "step down" from ICU during our last stay. BIG private rooms, shower/tub, plenty of sleep space so you don't have to leave Asher's side if you don't want to.

    The Cardiac ICU is nice, but thankfully we haven't had the pleasure of staying there yet. I know from visiting Miracle Mason that they are private rooms and they have sleep rooms on the same floor so you can still stay close by.

    The RMH is in a perfect walking location to the hospital and the grounds are beautiful!! There are some awesome places to eat outdoors at Stanford Mall right off campus. You have to go to Adronico's Market... best deli sandwiches and deserts ever... we also love the Creamery at the mall.

    The RMH and the hospital are seperated by a HUGE outdoor mall.

    The entire town of Palo Alto is GORGEOUS, the weather is perfect and there are tons of little places to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors. It's really not a bad place to spend time! :)

    We haven't had the luxury of meeting with Dr Hanley yet, but we are 99% certain he will be Owen's guy. We are excited to meet him.

    We will be following along Asher's story and we pray that things go smoothly for him. It's so hard to hand them over for surgery. I know that this next time for us is going to be the hardest yet.


  2. Hi! I followed over from Andrea's blog! She left some great info for you. I got to talk to Andrea before she headed to LPCH too! My Braden had repairs in 2002 with Hanley. Please feel free to contact me as well. I was there for an extended stay and a brief stay too! My blog is private but leave a comment on my faux blog and I'll send you an invite!

    Following your little one's story. I'm from Utah too so I know heart mom's up there too! My email is I'd love to answer any questions you have about LPCH.

    And good call reaching out to Andrea- she is amazing !