Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More News

Okay, today has been very up and down! Ash's heart rate was staying very high (about 190), and his blood pressure was quite low. They did an ultrasound and found excess fluid in his belly. So they put a drain in (now he has 4), and a lot of fluid has been coming out. His heart rate and blood pressure is getting more stable. They did an ekg, and they are doing an echo right now. They are also tweaking his medication, starting something called digoxin. They are trying to get his heart back into a normal rhythm. I'm hanging on by a thread, Adam is wiped out, sleeping in a parent room here. We miss our kids, miss our family, miss our home, and I can't believe I'll be here another 2-3 weeks.

On a better note, the ward out here has been fantastic. So helpful! The Nielson's have been so sweet, letting us stay in their guest room and helping whenever they can. (Ronald McDonald House is still full). Another family in their ward very kindly gave us their 2nd car yesterday, so we can use it while we are here. The Stake President stopped by the hospital last night to chat with us whhile Ash was in surgery. I don't know how people go through things like this without the church, and the kindness of family and friends. Thank You soo much.

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  1. I have tears in my eyes. Seeing Asher like that is hard.

    That is so wonderful that the ward/stake there is so supportive. They even loaned you a car? That is amazing. What a blessing the gospel is...anytime, anywhere. I am with you....I don't know what people do without the knowlegde of Heavenly Father's plan or the support systems of te church.

    Praying for you.