Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Here!

We flew into San Jose bright and early today. We looked like a circus at the airport, with our luggage, stroller, car seat, oxygen, and backpack. The flight went well, Asher only cried a little bit. Our hostess, Mindy, picked us up and brought us to her home. It was so sweet of her to offer us a place, since we haven't met until today! She has a beautiful home and sweet little girls. We've been relaxing and getting settled in today. Asher has a heart echocardiogram tomorrow at 11:30, then all of his pre cat bloodwork. Friday is his heart catheter; they will sedate him, inject his heart with dye, and take images of it. We don't have an exact date/time for surgery. It will be Monday or Tuesday, we'll find out tomorrow. So far so good! Thanks so much to everyone helping us out right now! We really appreciate it, especially on such short notice! It does seem Ash needed this surgery sooner rather than later, he is now on 1 liter of oxygen, even at the lower altitude. Everything happens for a reason. On a side note, Happy Birthday Jon Jon! Sorry mommy and daddy couldn't be there. Have lots of fun at the circus!

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