Thursday, September 23, 2010


Asher had several appointments at LPCH today. First, we had his vitals checked, and his oxygen saturation hasn't changed. Still at 80%, on 1 liter of oxygen. Not so great. Then he had an echocardiogram done, and an EKG. Next we met with a PA and NP, and discussed his heart catheterization tomorrow. It will take 3 hours; they will sedate him and insert a breathing tube. Then they will inject a dye into his heart, through a vein in his groin. They will then take a bunch of different images of his heart, so that they can have a good idea of the exact anatomy of his heart, and which lobes of his lungs are supplied by which arteries. Because he has already had open heart surgery, and because of his increased oxygen need, they will keep him overnight for observation. Surgery will be monday, at about 7:30 am. We will know more tomorrow, when we meet with the surgical team.

Palo Alto is absolutely gorgeous! We wandered around a shopping center this afternoon, that is right across the street from the hospital. They had the most amazing landscaping! The weather is fantastic, as well. Our host family is so sweet, and their little girls are fun. Too bad we weren't here under different circumstances!

I will update tomorrow night, after the cath, when we have more info.


  1. Hope all went well with the heart cath!

    love the pictures too!

  2. Fingers crossed! And there is a grocery store right near there called Andronico's and it has the best little deli in it. I walked there for lunch most days.