Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Updates

Asher had a good night, he continues to stay stable. They have turned off the Fentanyl (a sedative), and started him on Lasix (a diuretic).So currently he is on: Digoxin, Milrinone, Calcium Chloride, DEX (which has been lowered), Lasix, and Hydrocortisone. They are supplementing his Magnesium and Pottasium as needed. He still has the 3 chest tubes and one drain in his belly. They just removed his RV line, which measures pressures in his right ventricle. They plan on taking out his LA line in an hour; it measures pressures in his Left Atrium. They are giving him morphine periodically for pain. Later in the day, they plan on removing his ventilator. Yay! Progress! Adam is leaving to go back to Utah at 1pm; he's glad to see Tay and Jon, sad to leave Ash and myself. It will be lonelier for me, but I'm glad the kids will have daddy back. Ronald Mcdonald called last night, saying tehy have room for me. The family I'm staying with graciously offered to let me stay there, so I'm just going to stay put. I'm getting attached to Lilly, Ayva and little Naomi! I will update later in the day, after the vent ius removed. Love you all, thank you for all of your love, mnessages, help, and support.


  1. :) Progress is good!!!!

    That's so nice you have a fmaily to stay with! :)

    Praying everything goes well with him coming off te vent.

    Love ya!

  2. Oh my goodness.. I had added Asher to my blogroll and it didn't update.. I just fixed it! I just assumed that surgery was postponed and you weren't updating. I just caught up on the cath and the surgery... wow! First of all.. my fav cath lab doc is Dr Peng.. should have told you that before you went. :0

    I'm thrilled that Asher is doing well. I know it's still touch and go, but it sounds like he's doing good considering.

    I'm happy that you found a family to stay with while you are there. I hope we get as lucky when we are there long term... the thought of paying for a hotel room night after night is a bit daunting and there never seems to be room at the RMH.

    I'm sorry your hubs had to go home, but it's comforting knowing that he is there with your other babies. It stinks to be in Palo Alto alone, but it's crazy how we adjust. I know I'll be doing it all too soon. :(

    I wish we were there at the same just never seems to work out that way. I'll keep updated now that I fixed my darn blogroll. We continue to pray for you guys and I know Asher is going to blow them away with his recovery.