Friday, September 17, 2010


Yes, that's right. My dear friend Oxygen has returned.

And here are her two buddies. We don't have room for them, so they'll have to sleep on the floor.

Asher's oxygen saturation was borderline at hos cardiology appointment last week (76%). So Dr. P said to keep an eye on him, it may just be a fluke. (Asher has beautiful skin coloring due to his Mediterranean heritage, which beautifully masks some of his blue-ness). A week later, at his Pediatrician's appointment, his Sat's hovered between 70-75%, sometimes dipping as low as 62% (yikes!). So, oxygen has returned. Dr. P says that this is to be expected. Asher is growing very well (14 lbs at 4 months, yay!), and his heart is having a hard time keeping up with the demand being placed on it. It is becoming more apparent that he really does need this surgery in October. He has been so healthy up until this point. Even though we knew surgery was coming, I think we were living in a fairytale world over the Summer. "Oh, Asher's great! His heart is doing fine. Yeah, he needs surgery, but you wouldn't know it!" Now his oxygen tank is going to be a big glaring signal that something isn't right.

But I don't have the heart to wake him up right now and put it on him- I'll let him sleep a little longer.

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  1. ...interesting that his skin doesn't show the blue babies ar always have that olive skin tone at birth...then they turn into big fat whitey's!...but when they get older...they get the nice tanable skin back. Wierd...and totally irrelevant. (sp?)

    That must be hard to have to worry about the Oxygen and taking it with you when you go places and all that...and knowing that people are going to ask quetions. What a blessing that he hasn't needed it much though. He seriously does look like he's doing great. I am sure things will only get better after his next surgery.