Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Asher did well most of the night. 2/3rds through the night, his heart rate would rapidly increase, and then decrease. The time the heart rate is high is gradually getting longer, and the time it is normal is getting shorter. It is an arrythmia called "JET". It is to be expected after this type of surgery, because the heart is swelling so much. He is on several different drugs right now: Versed, Milrinone, DEX, Epinephrine, Calcium Chloride, Fentanyl, and Dopamine. To try and help with the heart rate, while still keeping a good blood pressure, they have stopped the Versed, and are giving him the DEX. They are also keeping his body temp low. The nurse says things are going to be worst over the next couple of days, because of the heart being so swollen. I will update more if things change.

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