Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins, Cookies, and Birthdays!

So, we have had avery busy weekend at my house! Saturday I went to my parents for a birthday party for my Grandma Patty and my Aunt Karen.
My sister and I madde my Grandma this pillow.

And we made my Aunt Karen this quilt. (By "WE" I mean Leslie did most of the pillow, and she helped watch kiddos while I made the quilt)

Taylor doing her best princess/vampire impression.

Little Ashes playing on his Aunt Sarah's lap.

All of the nieces and nephews getting ready to paint their pumpkins.

Taylor painting her pumkin. She was dying because we mafe her wear a bib so she wouldn't destroy her shirt.

Jon Jon painting his, in a high chair AND a bib.

Future soccer star Asher!
Taylor's witch pumkin. Notice how she painted the stem black so it can be the top of the witches hat?

Cookies! When we were kids, we would always go to my Aunt Karens house to make sugar cookies. So, we thought we would recreate that for our kids, since Aunt Karen was in town.

Asher loving on his Uncle Tyler. Yes, he is wearing PINK! He spit up all over his outfit, and I din't have an extra. So, my mom put him in a girls sleeper she had laying around. DOesn't he make a pretty girl?

Sweet Jonathan. Monday turned into a huge extended family photo shoot. I'll post my fave shots once I'm done editing them all.

Running in the field behimd my parent's house.

Taylor and Aunt Karen. Taylor loves my mom's dress ups!

My parents.

Adam snuggling with Ash in his jacket.

Grandma Patty, Taylor, and Aunt Karen.

Grandma Patty, myself, Aunt Karen, and my mom.

Taylor at the end of a long weekend!
I had so much fun this weekend with all of my family. It was so great of my parents to plan it all! It would be lovely if I could have an easy relaxing week this week. But I know it won't happen! We are blessing Asher on Sunday, so I will be spending the week getting the house ready, plus enjoying Halloween!

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  1. I love the field of dry grass that you took pictures in. Good thing you got that done before the snow!

    I was just sitting down at the computer wishing it was a warm summer day....and then I saw your snow. We haven't even gotten our first snow and I am dreading it. It looks pretty for a while but I get so sick of it. I am a "sunny day" kind of a girl. Cold cozy days would be great if I could cuddle up with a book and a blanket....someday.....when the laundry and dishes and housework are done......

    And I have the same shirt as your mom! I hope she got as good of a deal on hers as I got on mine! ($1 clearance baby!)