Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Room

Asher finally got moved to the third floor, out of intensive care, this morning. They had to wait for a bed to open up. He is in a private room, which is nice. I have my own bathroom, and a couch. The dr's did rounds earlier. Asher needs to have an echo and a lung scan done tomorrow (if he can get in on their schedules, we won't know until the morning). Once that's done, he can be discharged. So, tomorrow morning we'll know where we stand. Asher is also mr smiley today! I think he knows we're almost done. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, I know I am!


  1. Great news!! I am amazed at his recovery! We loved our private room in 3West, if only for a day. Enjoy it and I hope you can go home soon!

  2. I can't believe how far he's come in a week! WHAT A WEEK!!!! Hope everything goes well for his discharge!

  3. wowza! I logged on yesterday to see if you were on your way to CA yet, and to my suprize you were there, done and healing fast enough to come home! Way to go Asher! Way to go Mom! Our prayers are with you for a soon and safe return home.