Sunday, October 10, 2010


We had a good weekend. Friday was a much needed relaxing night at home; my sweet neighbors brought over dinner for us. Saturday morning, we took the kids to see Legend of the Guardians at Jordan Commons. It was a Hope Kids event; the kids had fun, although the movie was geared toward kids a little older than them. Asher was a champ through the entire movie, he didn't cry once, and stayed awake the whole time! My sister came over Saturday evening; Tay and Jon had a blast playing with their cousins. Now, Sunday, we are just relaxing. My sweet husband watched the kids this morning, and I got to sleep in until 10:15! Also, we ventured to church today, and got there almost a half hour early! That never happens, we are usually closer to a half hour late. It was fast and testimony meeting today, and there were lots of great testimonies. Our ward is so great, everyone was so happy to see us home already. And we are so happy to be home!

Asher's swelling seems to have gone away, although it still flares up occasionally. We see our cardiologist tomorrow for our post-surgery follow-up, so I'll see what he says. Otherwise, all is well! I'll post tomorrow after we see Dr. P.

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