Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farm Fun

Daddy had Monday off, so we went to Wheeler Farm again. It is a lot more fun when I have someone else there to help, and I was able to take lots of cute photos!
Tay and Jon in a sweet moment.

Taylor playing on a tractor wheel ( I swear I didn't pose her!)

Daddy pretending he has a tractor. Some day!

Jon petting the horse.

Pretty little Tay bug.
I took Ash to the pediatrician today for those lumps under his incision. After a visit to the lab for more bloodwork (sorry baby!), and clean results, we decided Ash is fine. If it was an infection, the Keflex is doing it's job clearing it up. Or he thinks it could just be his sternum underneath, fusing back together. Not sure, but the blood shows no infection. My goal is to stay away from the doctor until Asher's next well baby exam!
My sis came over today and we did some sewing. Actually, I did some sewing. She helped with kids and watched Flipping Out! But it was fun hanging out. We'll do it again tomorrow! And I'm getting my carpets cleaned- woo hoo!
Tay was the sweetest little girl with Asher tonight. She was lying under his play gym with him, telling him about the toys, and teaching him colors. As she was getting into bed, she was telling him what nighttime is. So sweet! She is a great big sister.
I'm gearing up for a busy week; book club tomorrow night, IHH birthday party Thursday, Family time Friday and Saturday, and Super Saturday (for Relief Society). Should be lot's of fun!


  1. You are such a cute mom! And you take the CUTEST pictures of your adorable kids! [Luckily, you have good subjects to work with.] Taylor seriously is sooo pretty! You better start teaching her now how to keep those boys away!

  2. Thanks sweet Rach! Right now the only boy Tay has a crush on is Troy (High School Musical). But we will be in big trouble when she gets older! Good luck with the photog biz; you take cute pics, too. I'm just starting to get into it and learn my camera. I want to take a class (or two!).