Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moving Day!

Asher is getting prepped to be moved out of the CVICU and onto the 3rd floor. His chest tube and PD drain in his belly have been removed, as well as his art line. He is off of the oxygen again, as well. They've done a chest xray, and everything looks good. He's eating like a champ again, up to 4 ounces now! He just has two peripheral IV's left; one in his hand, and one in his foot. Almost there!

Oh yeah, and he smiled at me today!

In other good news, the cardiologist I spoke with today, that manages the 3rd floor, thinks that Asher could be released as early as Monday afternoon, which means I could fly home Wednesday! We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying for no complications. I'll post photos tonight when I get home (I have a ton to post, I've been lazy about loading photos!); I'm going to dinner and a movie with the family I'm staying with, so it will probably be pretty late!

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  1. :) I am addicted to checking up on Asher I think. :)

    That would be great if you two could fly home Monday!

    Can't wait for more pictures!