Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Possible Setback

I've been catching up on life all day today; paying bills, making appointments, cleaning up. Asher has been super irritable lately, and was finally napping. He woke up at 2pm; when I went to get him, the left side of his face, especially the area around his eye, was all swollen and puffy. Fabulous. Called the pediatrician, and they squeezed me in at 3pm. So, I left Jonny at home with my Dad and little sister(just came over to visit 15 min before I had to leave), so that someone would be there when Taylor came home from school. I went to the Dr. with my Mom. They weighed Ash (over 15 lbs- woo hoo!) and I saw his Dr. right away. After lots of poking, and failed attempts at getting an oxygen saturation level (Ash was screaming his head off), he left to consult with my cardiologist over the phone. They think Asher may have something called Peri-orbital sinusitis. Never even heard of it before! Apparently it is a bacterial infection, which he probably picked up at the hospital. So, off I went to have his blood drawn so they can confirm their suspicions.

Of course, first I had to go to the Pharmacy to pick up an RX for Asher. Stanford brilliantly decided to send my baby home without any pain medication. I've been giving him Tylenol, but he's still been very grumpy. I asked my cardiologist about this; turns out Stanford is notorious for cutting off babies from narcotic pain meds cold turkey. My little man has been so cranky because he is going through withdrawals! Thanks so much, Stanford. So, I needed to pick up some Lortab for him, so we can gradually wean him.

Oh yeah, and my mom noticed Asher is getting his 2 top teeth. He just can't catch a break!

Anyway- so I picked up his Rx, made a deposit at the bank, and then went home. Left Jonny at home with Adam's mom and Taylor (in the meantime I picked him up from my Dad). Then trekked over to St Marks Hospital for a blood draw (over course Alta View (1 minute from my house!) doesn't take my insurance). So little trooper Asher had to endure getting poked yet again.

What an afternoon! We won't find out the results until tomorrow morning. If its the bacterial infection, I'll have to head to Primary Children's for IV antibiotics. Fun! Will post results tomorrow.


  1. Praying for no bacteria and no hospital stay. Also praying the pain medicine helps...both of you.

  2. holy heck....what a day!
    Is he on an antibacterial until they find out for sure?
    Thank goodness for family to watch your kids....
    I hope today you get to stay home in your pajama's!