Saturday, October 2, 2010


Okay... First I have to say thank you soo much to everyone who has been helping us so far. To friends and family that have cleaned and watched the kids, those who are going to help with meals for my family back home, perfect strangers here who have helped with gift cards and money for food, the ward member here who is generously letting me use her car while I'm here, the Nielson's, who before we came here we didn't even know, and now I consider them close friends, for letting me stay in their home, and for family, friends, and ward members, who have donated to Ashers Trust. Thank you, we feel so loved.

Asher continues to do well; he is eating now, which is great, and continues to pee. He is now on a little bit of oxygen; he's been sleeping a lot, and his oxygen goes in the low 90's when he rests, so they are giving him a little. As he continues to grow stronger, they should be able to discontinue it.

He still has the chest tube and PD drain; it wil be removed today. The doctors were in the OR all day yesterday, so they were never able to take them out. But it is still on the agenda. Today we will also be moved out of intensive care.

I held Asher yesterday! I held him once to feed him a bottle. He was not as thrilled with it as I was. He drank the bottle fine, but he was really uncomfortable because of the drains he still has. I gave up holding him after a few minutes. He is perfectly content lying in bed, watching his kaleidoscope video on tv, and dosing off.

My goal today is today get a smile out of him. The nurse says she got some smiles this morning, so hopefully he'll do it again!

Again, thank you for your love and support. Even just comments on the blog and facebook help; it's nice knowing that people care and are rooting for you.


  1. I hope he gives you a smile. Actually, I KNOW he will.

    Such a simple blessing. :)

  2. Hey, I'm in the Menlo Park Ward and will be coming over at some point to visit. My son spends a fair bit of time in the hospital and he loves the kaleidoscope video, too!