Friday, October 1, 2010


The Dr's just did rounds. They are pleased with Ash's progress. The drain in his belly will be removed later today, so he will just have the one chest tube. And that will be removed tomorrow. His IJ line, which measures central venous pressure, is also going to be removed today. He is under no sedation, no meds for his heart. Just a little tylenol! He is getting maintenance fluid in an iv, we will try feeding again soon. He is getting lasix to help him urinate, though he did just go a little. Yay for pee! They are decreasing his oxygen, also, and he is tolerating it well. They just did a chest xray, and he's resting now. The plan is to move him to the 3rd floor, out of the CVICU, tomorrow. A week from now, we might be headed home! Yay!


  1. That is SO amazing!!! Seriously.. we have never spent less than 30 days post op.. ever! I'm thrilled that Asher is doing so well and 3West is much more relaxing than ICU.

  2. Wow you're already headed to 3West? That's awesome! Our second stay there including the day in the OR was 4 days. Finger crosses you get back to your family soon!

  3. :)I just keep checkin' in on ya and you guys just keep doing great! :) I am so happy for that!