Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Real News

Well, Asher's blood count looked normal. Left side of his face is still swollen, but it's not any worse. It might be a teensy bit better, or I'm just getting used to it! So, no sign of a bacteria, although we don't have results back yet from the blood culture. I see the cardiologist Monday, so if it is still going on by then I'll discuss it with him. In the meantime, I stripped his bed and I'm washing the sheets on the sanitize cycle, just in case there is something on them that he's having a reaction to.
Ash is much happier now that he's on Lortab, although he's still not his normal cheerful self yet. Not that I can blame him!
Anyway, here are more pic's from my trip. These are from the day before Asher went in for his surgery:
Asher the day before his surgery.

A neat building in downtown Palo Alto.

A cute little walkway off of Downtown Palo Alto's main drive

More downtown Palo Alto. It was so pretty here, we loved walking around.

Sidewalk in downtown. Such a cute city! It would be great go back for something other than heart surgery.


  1. I love the pictures!!!! :)

    I hope washing the bedding does the trick!

  2. oops....I'm so glad to hear all wet well for you down at Stanford. They have a wonderful cardiology team and hospital staff down there, although I'm glad your stay away from Home was only 2 weeks! Mason is a bit jealous since our stay down there was 5 months! I hope you continue to recover and feel better. Keep fighting Asher!

    Lots of love,
    Mason's Mommy

  3. I thought that my comment had posted before I was done.......but I guess not. It said: So glad to meet you Asher (through your blog). .......