Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have had a busy weekend at my house! My mom, sister, and Grandpa came by on Friday. Grandpa is in town from California, so it was great to see him. And the kids loved it! We went out to eat, and then my sister and I headed over to Material Girls (a fabulous quilt shop here), and bought some yummy fabric for a new project. Which I only have 1 week to finish! Yikes!
Here's a pic of Jon loving on Grandpa!

Saturday, I took the kids too Wheeler Farm for a picnic. We had nice time seeing all of the animals and playing. The weather was perfect!

Taylor can never just "sit" for a picture. She is always posing!

The kids pretending they are in jail. It's actually just a treehouse with wire for windows. Great sad faces on them!

I treid so hard to get a cut pic of them an a wagon. This was the best I got. Hmm.
After Wheeler Farm, we went to the grocery store. Then home, clean up the house, and as soon as Daddy got home from work, we went to Fork Fest. What is Fork Fest? It's a free music and arts festival that Adams cousin, Joshua James, started in American Fork. This was it's first year, and they had 37 bands perform! It was a lot of fun, and we were completely irresponsible parents, and kept the kids there until 10:45 pm, so we could see Joshua perform. So worth it, though!
While I was staying busy with all of this over the weekend, I also made 70 quarts of grape juice! Yum! I usually do more (with help), but I was solo this year. And I'm so burnt out, I think 70 quarts is good enough.
On the Asher front, he seems to be doing well. However, he has to hard lumps under his incision, and they are getting pretty red. The cardiologist will be getting a call tomorrow; we'll see what he says. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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  1. I miss Grandpa. He never comes to visit me! I know he would if I lived in CA or UT. I just need to saddle up my minivan and go see HIM.....but when!?

    Hope those bumps Asher has are no big deal.

    You are one busy girl. Don't stress yourself out having too much fun! :)

    What project are you ladies going to work on!?